At Sensi Institute you can arrange a meeting with a psychologist, therapist or coach in a number of foreign languages, including English, French, Italian or Russian. Our specialists can meet with you for individual, couples and family therapy sessions. We can also set up a meeting in English with our experienced psychiatrist.

We can help you steer your life in a different direction, make it more satisfying and get you through tough times, both personally and professionally, especially if you feel estranged in a foreign place and find it a struggle to deal with our Polish culture.

Our psychologists and therapists have been trained in various therapeutic approaches and work using various methods. No matter what type of therapy may be best for you, you can be certain they will all apply their skills and experience to make sure you get the help and support you need.

We place the utmost importance on professionalism and strive to provide the most comfortable environment for your meetings. We are located in a discreet building, in a residential area, away from the noise of the city’s main streets, yet very close to the centre.

Let us help you bring change to your life. Give us a call or write an e-mail.

How to get to us:

    • by underground –station Plac Wilsona, followed by a 5-minute walk down ul. Mickiewicza towards ul. Potocka. You can also take one more stop by bus or tram instead (see below).
    • by tram no. 15 – stop Bohomolca
    • by bus nos. 122, 157, 181, 185 – stop Bohomolca
    • by car – no paid parking zone; it’s usually possible to find a parking spot not too far away
  • by bicycle – we have a bicycle stand behind the gate

Sensi Institute
ul. Bohomolca 17
01-613 Warszawa
phone: 792 756 100

Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Our reception staff all have at least basic English skills and you should be able to make an appointment over the phone. You can also always send an e-mail in English to the address above.

Here is the relevant excerpt from our price list (click here for the full price list in Polish):

Psychologist and therapist sessions
Individual session in a foreign language (50 minutes) 190-260 zł
Online therapy (50 minutes) 190-260 zł
Couples, family therapy in a foreign language (55 minutes) 260-340 zł
Couples, family therapy in a foreign language (80 minutes) 320-420 zł
MBSR/MBCT individual mindfulness training in a foreign language (50 minutes) 350 zł
Psychiatrist consultations
First visit (up to 60 minutes) 400 zł
Subsequent visits (up to 30 minutes) 300 zł
Certificate about undergoing therapy (in Polish) 50 zł

At the reception desk we accept cash. For on-line meetings, you can pay by bank transfer (in Polish zloty to our bank in Poland).

Our foreign language-speaking specialists (click here for the full list in Polish):